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SANDAL Please note we will either send the A12 or B12 size pack depending on what we have in stock. You will receive either A12 or B12 but will not be able to choose. If you have a preference, please send us a message. A12 - size5.5(1)-6(2)-6.5(1)-7(2)-7.5(1)-8(2)-8.5(1)-9(1)-10(1) B12 - size5.5(1)-size6(1)-6.5(1)-7(2)-7.5(2)-8(2)-8.5(1)-9(1)-10(1) D12 - size-6(1)-6.5(1)-7(1)-7.5(1)-8(2)-8.5(2)-9(2)-10(2)

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